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Brown Recluse Spiders and How to Spot Them

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Brown recluse spiders are incredibly dangerous spiders that can be commonly found throughout much of the United States. Although they are rarely aggressive, a bite from this spider can be serious, potentially causing systemic illness and the nearby skin to necrotize, or die. Occasionally, a brown recluse bite can even cause severe damage, including major blood clots, organ damage and even death.

Because brown recluses are native to Georgia, our Atlanta pest control team wants you and your family to be aware of how to spot this spider and its harborage areas so that you can avoid them.

Identifying the Spider

Brown recluses can be roughly as large as a quarter in total legspan, but their body is around the same size as the head of a penny. They are typically a light to medium brown color, but they can range anywhere from cream-colored to dark brown or a dark gray. They have a characteristic violin-shaped marking on their backs, but they share this marking with other spiders.

The best way to be certain you have found a recluse is to look at its eye groupings. Brown recluses only have three pairs of eyes, whereas other spiders have four.

The Web

These spiders create asymmetrical webs that typically include an area of disorderly thread which the recluse will use as a shelter. Our Atlanta exterminators note that they like to build their webs in undisturbed, dry places like closets, garages, basements, cellars, sheds and woodpiles. When they’re inside your home, recluses may have a preference towards cardboard boxes, which imitate the rotting wood they would live in while in the wild.

Handling an Infestation

If you do find a brown recluse in your home, it is possible that you could have an infestation. The safest thing you can do is to have one of our Atlanta exterminators come and treat your home to eradicate the spider presence.