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The Brown Recluse Spider

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Although their poison is not as deadly as black widow venom, there are plenty of reasons to fear a brown recluse spider.

They Bite

Depending on a person’s reaction to their bite and the amount of venom that was released, being bitten by a brown recluse spider can be a traumatic experience. The poison spreads quickly and can cause surrounding tissues to die in a matter of hours, which can result in a nasty scar. Some people only have a mild reaction to the bite of a brown recluse spider. Others experience illness as well as a painful swelling of the infected area.

They Are Elusive

Brown recluse spiders are difficult to completely eradicate from a home. This is partly because they almost always reside within the relatively unreachable recesses of the human home – behind walls or inside boxes in dark, rarely visited attics, for example.

Furthermore, only the male of the species go out at night. So even if you trap them successfully during their nocturnal sojourns, you are really only killing half of the population residing in your house. Also, since they can survive for months without eating, these nighttime trips do not happen all that frequently.

They Multiply Quickly

A female brown recluse spider need only breed once with a male spider in order to produce offspring throughout their entire lives. They are capable of producing more than 150 young every year. That’s scary enough to give you the shivers.

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