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Creepy Crawlies Getting You Down? What You Need to Know About Spider Pest Control

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Alpharetta Spider Pest ControlSpider pest control is one of the most common requests from people seeking pest management services. It’s probably safe to say that few people actually like seeing spiders in their homes. Even though their appearance is creepy, spiders are actually beneficial because they lower the populations of other bugs in your home. Despite this, many people would rather not have spiders hanging out in their house. If you think your family would be happier with some spider pest control action in your home, check out these facts.

Spiders make your home their home because they found a food source in your house. Spiders eat all sorts of bugs, and when there are plenty of insects in your house, it’s like a lovely buffet table for spiders. So if you make a good effort at eliminating their food supply by killing other insects, the spiders will head for a home with more bountiful bugs, right?

Maybe. But for every insect or spider you CAN see, there are, well… let’s just say there are more hiding out of sight. It’s probably best if you don’t think about it too much.

There’s more bad news. If you buy insect or spider spray at the hardware store, it will probably not help your spider problem very much. These applications work best when the bug drags itself across the area that you treated. Spiders walk tall and proud on their creepy little legs, with just the tips of their legs touching the sprayed area. And no, spiders are not like dogs – they don’t groom themselves. Don’t waste your money on that spray can.

Do-It-Yourself Spider Pest Control

There are a few other things you can try as far as do-it-yourself spider pest control.

  • Eliminate clutter around your home. Spiders like to hide out behind and under stuff. While it’s probably not feasible to get rid of everything, clearing out clutter means fewer hiding places for spiders.
  • Grab your vacuum’s hose and get cleaning. From the attic to the basement, clean from the ceiling to the floor, paying particular attention to corners and behind objects.
  • Dry out damp areas around your home. Many spider species like a damp environment – don’t give them one to call home.

In reality, all of these efforts will probably only give you a marginal payoff. The best, most reliable method of spider pest control is to call a professional. North Fulton Pest Solutions knows the best products and techniques for getting rid of spiders in your home.

Need spider pest control to maintain a comfortable, happy environment for your family? We’re on it!