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What the Best Termite Control Companies Know That You Don’t

best termite control companiesGeorgia’s best termite control companies have overcome unsurmountable odds in order to keep these wood-hungry pests out of their territories. Along the way, companies and pest management professionals have picked up their own tricks—some through training and others by way of trial and error. Armed with this insider information, you can help your home stays free and clear of termites.

The following are the top tricks shared by the termite removal pros and best termite treatment companies.

Non-repellents and baits trump repellent barriers.

Not that long ago, the only products in use for protecting a home from termites were liquid repellent barriers. While these can do a good job of repelling termites, it’s sometimes impossible to apply the product into all of the possible entry points in or around a home in order to create an unbroken barrier in the soil surrounding the structure to be protected. A repellent liquid treatment is totally dependent upon creating an unbroken barrier with the product around your home. If there’s a break in the application, termites are in and ready to feast on your house!


In contrast, non-repellent liquid products like Termidor® are far superior alternatives to the repellent termite treatments of yesterday. Termidor® has a unique transfer effect. Termites aren’t repelled by Termidor®, but instead work in treatment zones without any knowledge that they’ve been exposed to the product. The termites transfer Termidor® to other members of the colony. This leads to a domino “transfer effect” that ultimately leads to the demise of the termite colony.

Sentricon System with Always Active Technology

Baits like that found in the Sentricon System with Always Active Technology take advantage of a termite’s biology. Recruit HD (the termite bait found in the stations of the Sentricon System with Always Active Technology) is consumed by worker termites who constantly forage in search of new food sources. They then take this bait back to the colony and share it with their colony mates, including the queen! The bait prevents the termites from molting and when they can’t molt they die, which mean no more termite colony! Be aware that not all termite baiting systems work this way. The Sentricon System with Always Active Technology is the only termite baiting system that has bait in every station on day one. Sentricon has over 60 scientific studies proving termite colony elimination!

A recent lawsuit demanded a change to local retail termite bait packaging based on product effectiveness. Now, it is considered a helpful component to a more robust home treatment. Unlike termite baiting systems available to pest management professionals, the type consumers can purchase off the store shelf are typically not intended to serve as an effective stand alone treatment. Before purchasing any at-home product, it’s essential to read the label to avoid wasting money and time on treatments that won’t work.

Termite treatment really is necessary in Georgia.

Whether you perform the work yourself or hire it out to someone else, you really do need to find room in your budget for treating for termites. Homeowners in the state suffer upward of $300 million in property damage from termite infestations each year. Why? Because the state has intense termite pressure, and the weather here is perfect for their growth.

Unfortunately, termite damage is generally not covered by a homeowners’ insurance policy. Insurance policies classify pests as maintenance issues. Waiting for signs of trouble before you start can cause more damage. Termites invade and eat structures from the inside out. By the time your porch begins to sag, the support beams may have already turned to stacks of dust.

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