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Top Five Secrets Revealed By the Best Pest Control Company

best pest control company AlpharettaThe very best pest control company out there keeps their trade secrets to themselves, but there are some tips that they would love to share with their customers. This inside information can help you handle your pest control problems faster and easier. Here are five of the top secrets from the best pest control company in the greater Atlanta area.

  1. Keeping your house clean is a great start, but it isn’t enough to keep bugs out. Moisture sources are also a big draw for household pests. Keep your gutters clear for good drainage and keep water from pooling close to your home. Drain bird feeders, fountains, and ponds often to kill insect larvae.
  2. Bedbugs are almost impossible to prevent from entering your home. If they hitchhike in on your clothing or luggage, you’re toast. The best thing you can do is closely examine the items you bring home with you, before you take them inside the house. The best pest control company uses the least amount of pesticide possible to treat your home or business’s pest problems. We do this for your well being as well as our own, so as to protect your family and pets from unnecessary exposure to product applications in the course of handling a pest problem.
  3. Seeing some bugs in your home is not always bad news. Spiders, as long as they are not the poisonous ones such as the black widow or brown recluse, can make excellent roommates because they eat lots of other bugs in your house. However, the sudden appearance of lots of spiders can indicate that another bug population in your home is booming, so scheduling an inspection is still a good idea.
  4. Sometimes, the worst thing you can do is try to handle your pest problem on your own. Most people feel compelled to take things into their own hands, but your hardware store remedies can cause more harm than good. The most common mistake is applying too much of a pest control chemical. Then, when you do call the best pest control company to handle the problem, the bait they set is contaminated by your first attempt at killing your pests. This reduces the effectiveness of the bait.

North Fulton Pest Solutions’ many satisfied customers consider us the best pest control company in the greater Atlanta area. With over 40 years of experience handling just about any pest problem the American southeast has to offer, our extermination pros can help you quickly mitigate pest problems at your home or business.

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