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Looking for the Best Home Termite Control? Look No Further

best home termite controlA Georgia family contracting with supposedly one of the best home termite control companies in the country recently filed suit claiming poor services have destroyed their family home. The company is accused of fudging annual renewal inspections and failing to provide necessary treatments. Now the floors, support bearing walls, and porch supports have completely crumbled in a house built just 40 years ago.

How did it happen? What could have prevented problems from getting so bad? How can you make sure you’re dealing with the right company?

Look for companies with these top qualities, and you should never have to worry about winding up in bad situation.

The best home termite control companies take their time and require an interior inspection.

A five minute walk around the outside of your home isn’t a thorough termite inspection. That’s true for an initial or annual renewal inspection. Some inspectors only check for termites or mud tubes leading into your house. However, there are certain hard to reach areas inside the home that give indications of termites. For instance, a sign of termite activity is finding mud in cracks in interior construction joints. The lawsuit stated the inspectors claimed to visit the structure when no one was home. It would have been impossible for anyone to gain access to the property’s structures unless access was given. While setting aside time for a thorough inspection may seem like an inconvenience, it’s an important part of proper termite control. Allowing your termite inspector access and time to perform an exterior and interior inspection can prevent problems and save you both time and money in the long run!

The best pest control companies keep in touch with their clients.

While a company may offer discounts on initial inspections or termite treatments, these services take time and effort. A company that appreciates your business will ensure you know when to expect the inspector and will share their discovery. When it’s time for treatments, you will need to allow the appropriate access to your home when needed. A trustworthy company won’t keep you in the dark.

The best companies use methods proven to be effective.

There’s a hefty amount of quack science and kitschy devices available for controlling pests and specifically termites. Some methods are an absolute waste of money, but providers persist in charging homeowners top dollar for them. Make sure the company you hire is using reliable methods. Applying a liquid barrier around structures with a quality product like Termidor® and using termite baiting systems with scientific studies supporting colony elimination like the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System with Always Active Technology are exceptional methods for termite control. Be aware of electronic devices that give off high frequencies or “termite netting”; these are just scams.

Contracting with any service provider takes a measure of faith, but references, online reviews and company policies can tell you most everything you need to know. Avoid the need for termite damage repair with help from North Fulton Pest Solutions. For the best home bug control, contact Atlanta’s premier residential pest management service providers today at 770-475-7419.