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Does Bat Removal Give You the Creeps? Here Are Some Tips

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The idea of bat removal creeps a lot of people out, and that’s probably why we get so many bat removal service calls. Bats can occasionally find a way into our homes, but keeping them out is usually pretty simple. Keep in mind that bats are beneficial creatures because they eat a lot of bugs when they go out hunting at night. Therefore, North Fulton Pest Solutions feels that is always best to use a catch and release bat removal technique.

To help avoid the need for bat removal services in the first place, here are some tips from the experts.

  • Start by keeping windows and doors closed.
  • Make sure that there are no tears in window screens, and patch or replace holes when you do find them.
  • Check your home’s exterior for small holes where bats and other pests could enter the home.
  • Pay close attention to areas where siding pieces meet, and along the roof lines.

You would probably be surprised to know that bats can squeeze through incredibly tiny openings. If you cannot locate potential entry points, and you experience repeated visits from bats, you probably have bats living inside the home and need to seek bat removal services immediately.

Bat colonies can take up residence in attics, or inside ceilings or walls. These bats can sometimes become disoriented when they try to exit the house at night when it’s time for them to hunt for food. They can easily squeeze through small gaps and make their way into your living space.

North Fulton Pest Solutions knows the safest, quickest, and most humane bat removal techniques. We have had over forty years of practice, after all. After our bat removal technicians have removed your bats from the home, they will even clean up any messes the bats left behind. Bat droppings (guano) smell foul and can harbor fungal spores that cause histoplasmosis, which can be life-threatening. Therefore, the clean-up step cannot be skipped.

Our technicians will also identify and seal any openings to prevent more bats from re-entering the home. Timing is important when it comes to bat removal and sealing their entry points, because trapping any bats inside the home will eventually create a bigger problem with the odor of dead bats stuck inside your walls or ceiling.

Don’t hesitate to call a professional pest control company if you think you have a bat problem. For more than four decades, North Fulton Pest Solutions has provided prompt, reliable, and thorough pest control service for Atlanta-area families and businesses.

If you suspect that you are sharing your home with a bat colony, call the bat removal pros at North Fulton Pest Control. We understand you want those bats gone yesterday! Click to schedule bat removal service now.