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Why is Backyard Mosquito Control Such a Challenge?

Backyard mosquito control is essential to enjoying a fun, relaxing summer in Georgia’s great outdoors. These bugs are annoying; their bites sting (and then itch), and worst of all, they can pass along serious diseases. Protect your family, and get the most from your property this summer by effectively treating your yard for mosquitoes.

Here are just a few reasons mosquito control is so challenging:

Many different types of mosquitoes live here.

As of today, entomologists have identified 63 species of mosquitoes that call Georgia home. That’s an impressive number, but it’s not one that bodes well for residents or livestock here. With so many different types of mosquitoes to control, the chances of one or two products solving the problem aren’t very high. You may need to use several different types and methods in order to effectively control your backyard environment.

Georgia’s weather provides the perfect conditions.

Spring and summer are times of torrential downpour in Georgia, with water pooling in the most unexpected places. These are the ideal conditions for mosquitos to lay their eggs. The undisturbed water is needed for eggs to hatch and larvae to thrive. Homeowners can try to locate and clear out all the sources of standing water in their yards, but sometimes the lawn itself is so wet that mosquitos may attempt to lay eggs on the ground.

In addition to the moisture is the heat. Georgia typically has six weeks or more of super high temperatures. These conditions aren’t just favorable for mosquitos; they actually speed up the process, allowing for more mosquitos to propagate more often.

Mosquitoes can easily travel to your yard.

While mosquitoes aren’t known for migrating like birds, most species can travel between one and three miles. Your neighbors can easily undo your best efforts by leaving standing water on their property, especially when followed up by certain repellants. They get rid of their problems but add to yours. Unfortunately, consumers don’t always have access to the same kind of products available to pest control companies; so, you can wind up spending much more on DIY methods only to still struggle to control the pests in your yard.

Summer socializing primes you for biting.

People at BBQs drink beer, eat cheese on their burgers and likely wear perfume, cologne or deodorant with fragrances added. All of these have been proven to attract mosquitoes. Garlic, Vitamin C and other often recommended home remedies simply don’t work.

The most effective way to manage your backyard is through multifaceted professional applications including an adulticide, an insect growth regulator, a synergist to improve the knockdown and efficacy of the adulticide, and a larvacide to prevent mosquito larva from maturing into biting adults! Call 770-475-7419 to schedule a backyard mosquito control inspection with North Fulton Pest Solutions today. Let us help you reclaim your summer for fun in the sun.