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Automatic Temp-Vents®: Protect your Pipes and Control Foundation Moisture

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automatic temp-ventsAll homes have a lot of moisture, Georgia homes even more so due to the state’s naturally humid environment. Controlling moisture at the foundation is an ongoing challenge for many homeowners. Automatic Temp-Vents® help to keep moisture under control, thus helping to protect the wood in the subflooring. They also help prevent pipes from freezing and keep nuisance wildlife out of crawlspaces. Best of all, they are fully automatic so there is no risk of forgetting to open or close them – they do it all on their own.

What do Automatic Temp-Vents® Do?

Automatic Temp-Vents® have a built in monitor that allows them to open when the ambient air is around 72 degrees and close when it is around 38 degrees. There is no stress worrying about whether you will remember to open or close the vent; they do it on their own. You don’t get that worry free performance with manual vents that you can forget to close and freeze your pipes or allow warm air to escape, costing you a bundle on your utility bill. Or if you forget to open the manual vents you risk causing foundation decay. With Temp-Vents® you don’t have to deal with either of those problems; they are virtually worry free.

Temp-Vents® also have a grid over the front which prevents various pests from accessing your crawlspace. Rats, raccoons, opossums, skunks, and even stray dogs and cats are effectively kept out. The big benefit, though, is that these vents help reduce moisture in your crawlspace. That is an extremely important feature when it comes to maintaining your home.

What threat does moisture pose to a home?

Moisture can be detrimental to a home. Structurally, excess moisture at the foundation level can cause the wood in the subflooring to warp, weaken and rot. It can also cause foundation decay. While these conditions are things a homeowner’s nightmare is made of, there’s more. Many household pests are drawn to high moisture environments. Roaches, centipedes, and termites are just a few of the household pests that can be drawn to your home due to high moisture in the crawlspace. Some of these pests, like termites, are very destructive while others, like roaches can cause some serious diseases. An overly humid crawlspace would be like laying out the welcome mat for these pests to enter your home.

Installing automatic temp-vents to protect your home is a smart move, and North Fulton Pest Solutions can help. Our home moisture control options will help keep moisture out of your crawl spaces, walls, basements, and attics. This will improve your energy efficiency, make your insulation more effective, and deter many household pests that are drawn to humid, moist environments. Give us a call today to learn more about how our home moisture control services can help your home.