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Pest Control

Are All Home Pest Control Products Created Equal?

Everybody has purchased and used some home pest control products at some point. What else are you supposed to do to deal with the occasional creatures that slip into your home? Ants on the kitchen counter, cockroaches under the sink, spiders behind the toilet… who doesn’t grab a can of spray or a roach trap in these scenarios? Believe it or not, running down to the hardware store for sprays and traps is often not the best course of action. Continue reading to learn exactly why all home pest control products are not created equal.

Not All Insects Are Created Equal, Either

If you were to spot a swarm of termites along your home’s foundation, it’s likely that your first instinct is to grab a can of spray to kill the pile of destructive bugs. But can you tell which of the many different types of termites you are dealing with? Did you even know that there are many various types of termites? A trained professional pest control experts knows the difference, and also knows how to locate and eradicate each type’s colony.

When you spray that swarm of termites, you may kill a handful of bugs but there could be literally a million more lurking somewhere in or near your home. No do-it-yourself home pest control products exist that will eradicate an entire colony of termites like a professional treatment designed by a pest management professional . Only a professional has the tools, products, and know-how to accomplish that.

Risky Behaviors

When you take matters into your own hands by spraying home pest control products in affected areas, how do you know if you have used the right amount of product? Have you applied the product in the best spots to get the best effects? It’s not easy for the average person to apply home pest control products effectively or appropriately. An expert will know much more about how your problem insects behave, where they like to hang out, and where there are probably more lurking. Therefore, a seasoned professional will know just the amount of product to apply to specific, targeted areas for the most effectiveness.

An Ounce of Prevention

We always encourage people to do what they can to prevent an infestation from happening in the first place. But sometimes that’s simply easier said than done. For example, one great way to keep a variety of bugs out is to seal any cracks in your home’s foundation with caulk. But for some homeowners with old or otherwise deteriorated foundations, that’s just not feasible. There is only so much the average homeowner can do to prevent unwanted bugs from entering the home.

North Fulton Pest Solutions’ team of professionals has the experience and knowledge to get rid of the bugs, rodents, and spiders in your home quickly and properly.

Skip the home pest control products aisle, and leave your pest-free home to the pros at North Fulton Pest Solutions.