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Are There Any Effective Ant Removal Remedies I Can Use Now?

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ant removal remedies atlantaToday’s ant removal remedies are faster and more efficient than you might realize. They’re also tailored to different types of ants and infestations. Treating fire ants with the same products used to keep carpenter ants out of your home probably won’t work, but it might tick them off enough to follow you back to your house. Prevent yourself from creating more problems in the pursuit of clearing bugs off your property. The pros can help.

How do professionals give you a leg up on pest control?

Check out the following actions pros put into practice now to stop your infestation as soon as possible:

Accurate ant identification leads to quicker, more efficient treatment.

You may think you have an odorous house ant because the bugs in your house have started to smell, or you may think you have fire ants because they bite. But how do you know for sure? If you’re treating for the wrong type of ant, your efforts might be wasted. It can be easy to make a mistake if you don’t have previous experience with a species. That’s especially true in Georgia, where there are more than 170 types of ants; so, it can be helpful to have a professional make a positive ID before you begin any treatments.

Baits are generally most effective for ant infestations.

Baits are granular, liquid, gel, paste or powder-based treatments that ants pick up as food and take back to their colonies. Fast-acting baits will often kill the worker ant that picked it up right away, while slower-acting baits allow the product to get back to the colony where it can kill developing larvae and the colony’s queen. Professional-grade bait stations tend to be safer and more effective than consumer products you can buy at the store yourself.

Repelling or liquid residual treatments can be applied to the perimeter of your home and in select areas indoors.

Professionals also have access to products and strategic application techniques effective at controlling ants in cracks and crevices and around your foundation. This step is imperative to keep foraging ants out of your house. However, using indoor applications of similar products can be an effective way of containing ant populations inside your home. Paired with baiting systems, these products can quickly and easily clear any kind of ant problems on your property.

The pros have the training and tools needed to make the best products work well. For that reason, the top performing pest control products are typically available only to pest control specialists. Take advantage of these benefits today by finding a reputable provider in the Atlanta area.

Call in the professionals and learn which ant removal remedies will really take care of your problems. North Fulton Pest Solutions saves homeowners money year-round while helping them maintain healthy and comfortable homes. Call 770-475-7419 for a free quote for the most effective ant removal remedies for your home or business.