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4 Surprising Things About Having An Ant Problem In The Kitchen

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There’s nothing quite as annoying as having an ant problem in the kitchen. It’s disgusting. It feels dirty. There’s also the fear that comes when pests in your home focus on food. There are a few surprising facts, however, capable of changing how you feel about an ant invasion. While you might wind up gaining some respect for these tiny gatherers, finding out the truth can also go a long way in helping you prevent future problems.

Check out these four ant facts you can use to clean up and prevent an ant problem in the kitchen:

Ants are among the cleanest creatures on Earth.

You don’t have to panic if your child eats something you later find inhabited by these creepy crawlies. Ants are meticulous about clearing dirt and germs off their bodies, and because of the way their exoskeletons are structured, they don’t harbor fungus or bacteria. Unlike flies or cockroaches, they won’t spread disease through food contamination. Plus, because they use their mouths to thoroughly clean their legs, feet, and even their nest mates, they’re particularly susceptible to barrier pesticides and granular pest control products.

You likely have a worker ant problem in the kitchen.

Ants live in highly controlled societies with each individual working a specific job. Worker ants travel long distances in search of food used for the whole colony. They collect their spoils and return home, where food is passed on to larvae and stored for future use. This makes long-lasting bait products especially effective. These products resemble food but contain slow-release pesticides capable of defeating a colony from the inside out. Unfortunately, consumers generally can’t purchase these types of bait products on their own.

Scout ants track food sources, and use scent to mark routes for workers to follow.

Now you know why ants generally move in straight lines. They’re not just organized. They’re following predetermined trails, only instead of mile markers, they’re using smell to find their way. This presents an easy method for getting ants out of your kitchen, or at least away from special treats. Simply using hot, soapy water, you can scrub away these scent markers and make your home invisible—at least for the time being. In addition, careful cleaning and food storage goes a long way in beating the ant problem in the kitchen.

The ants in your kitchen might be older than you are.

Did you know an individual ant can live 30 years or longer? They’re amazingly hearty creatures. Established colonies are designed for long-term survival and aren’t likely to be phased by weak consumer products you can find on the store shelf. For that reason, it’s important to call in the professionals any time it seems like you’re developing an ant infestation.

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