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How Ant Control in House Treatments Can Keep You Out of Trouble

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ant control in house alpharettaHomeowners often worry about ant control in house treatments. However, responsible use of the best pest management products will clear up your bug problems at an affordable cost. This is one time if you decide to go the DIY-route, it can quickly escalate your costs while delivering poor results. It’s not an insult to homeowners; just a realistic assessment of the types and the costs of products available to consumers versus the resources enjoyed by the pros.

Consider the dangers ants pose to your home before you settle for weaker, less effective off-the-shelf treatments:

Carpenter ants pose big property risks.

While typical ants are annoying and unsightly guests, carpenter ants can do serious damage to your property. As their name implies, these bugs attack sources of structural wood in and around the home. Unlike termites, they don’t eat the wood. They simply bore it out for the purpose of expanding on their colony or “nest” space.

Unfortunately, they can still impact the stability of a home over time; so, it’s important to keep an eye out for sawdust under wooden support beams and furniture, accompanied by smooth, almost polished galleries. They’re easily distinguished from termite tunnels which are often lined in mud.

Wood isn’t the only thing hurt by carpenter ants, however. Ants can be drawn to electrical components because of currents. They’ve been known to crowd into air conditioners, irrigation systems and even electrical transformers and cause damage to wires and other components.

Sometimes, no matter where you look, you can’t find the nest for the ants invading your home. This may point to a nest located outdoors. After dark, look for trails of ants marching to outdoor structures or up and down the trunk of a tree. Carpenter ants do not need dead wood.

Carpenter ants can bite.

While their bites aren’t as severe as stings from fire ants, carpenter ants have powerful jaws that can break the skin. They won’t seek people out, but they will defend themselves and their nests. In addition to biting, the carpenter ant shoots a toxin at threats that can seriously aggravate bites. The spray doesn’t act as a deterrent based on smell, as that of the Odorous House Ant or skunk does, but by spraying formic acid into fresh bites, carpenter ants ensure their bites truly sting.

Even though carpenter ants don’t pass along disease, the physical threats they pose can make them difficult for homeowners to manage on their own. Given the potential damages to property—as well as the ‘ick’ factor—many people prefer to hire the job out and get it taken care of as soon as possible.

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