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Wildlife Control

What Should Every Homeowner Know About Advanced Wildlife Control?

atlanta advanced wildlife controlMany homeowners are shocked when they discover that they have a need for advanced wildlife control. Nobody wants to think that their home is susceptible to an invasion of squirrels, bats, raccoons, or other wildlife, but it’s surprisingly common.

Attics, crawl spaces, and basements can provide very comfortable living quarters for animals trying to escape inclement weather or predators. Here are the straight facts that every homeowner should know about advanced wildlife control.

It is true that many kinds of wildlife can pose a health threat when they take up residence in your home.

However, advanced wildlife control is not always a year-round option. For example, bats are considered beneficial animals and should not be removed during the summer, when they are raising their young. So while it is understandable that you don’t want a family of bats hanging out in your attic, it’s best for everyone if you wait until about August to evict them. Bats help control insect populations and can keep flies, mosquitoes, and other annoying bugs at bay in your back yard. Removing them at the wrong time may leave you wishing they’d come back.

For many wildlife species, live trapping is the preferred method of advanced wildlife control.

It is reasonable to expect that critters like bats, opossums, and raccoons can be trapped and relocated to an unpopulated wooded area. Rodents like mice and rats are most often eliminated using bait and traps.

A successful advanced wildlife control plan has four main components:

  1. Identify the intruding wildlife.
  2. Locate the access points where wildlife enters your home.
  3. Assess damages to your home. This may include chewed wiring, damaged air ducts, compressed insulation, urine and feces deposits, and more.
  4. Customize methods of animal removal and exclusion.

After wildlife has been removed from the home and access points have been sealed off, it is crucial to clean up the messes left behind to improve your family’s safety and health. Urine, feces, and nests can contain disease-causing bacteria and viruses, and those must be removed from your home. Damaged wires need to be identified and repaired as well, because they can become a fire hazard. Replacing insulation and air duct cleaning may also be necessary, depending on the level of damage done.

North Fulton Pest Solutions works with homeowners all over Atlanta to remove and exclude wildlife of all kinds. For more than 40 years, we have built a reputation as a trusted advanced wildlife control company for countless families. Our wildlife control experts have the training and experience necessary to quickly and professionally handle all kinds of advanced wildlife control needs.

Learn more about our advanced wildlife control services today, and sleep better tonight.