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Wildlife Control

The 3 Best Reasons for Wildlife Control Solutions When You Seem to Have Permanent Squatters

When you have a wildlife control situation on your hands, it can be tempting to seek solutions on your own. After all, what harm can a little bat do? A single squirrel isn’t going to destroy your whole attic…right? And we all want to save money anywhere we can. But you might be shocked to know the truth about getting wildlife out of your house.

Here are the three best reasons for wildlife control solutions when you seem to have permanent squatters:

  1. When it comes to wildlife, it’s best to assume that where there’s one, there’s more. Animals know there’s strength in numbers. That’s why they tend to travel, nest, and live in groups. So if you see one bat crawl through a hole in your eaves, he’s likely going in to join the rest of his family.
  2. When wildlife takes up residence in your home, they don’t just go inside to sleep. They might leave behind food scraps such as nut shells, but they will always leave urine and feces. And in addition to being stinky, animal excrement can be full of diseases. It really doesn’t take much droppings and urine to create a toxic environment that is a danger to your family’s health.
  3. Some animals can be extremely destructive. Animals such as raccoons or squirrels that like to live in attics can be particularly bad news. These critters will shred and destroy a wide variety of materials, including foil air ducts, insulation, cardboard, wood, clothing, and wallpaper. If you have animals in your attic, you better not have anything of real value stored up there because they will consider it fair game.

Professional Wildlife Control Solutions Make a Difference

Wild animals belong outside, and that’s what live traps and exclusion tactics are for. North Fulton Pest Solutions knows the best wildlife control solutions for all of the kinds of wildlife commonly found in the Atlanta area. That’s because we’ve been removing them from Atlanta’s homes for over four decades.

We know the best methods of identifying, locating, removing, and excluding pests of all kinds from your home. And because each home and each wildlife situation is unique, we always provide each new client with a free quote that’s tailored for their exact specifications.

North Fulton Pest Solutions understands that your desire to get control of your wildlife problem is balanced against your family’s budget. We are a family-owned and Better Business Bureau-accredited company that is renowned for our excellent customer service and satisfaction. Our customer service team will always work with our clients to develop a plan that will deliver the best outcomes possible while also working within the client’s budget. Click here to request your free estimate from Atlanta’s premier wildlife control solutions provider.