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The 2017 Residential Pest Control Checklist You’ve Been Looking For!

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2015 residential pest control RoswellPests, we all have them, we all hate them, and we all want them gone from our homes from the outside to the inside and everywhere in between – and that means using a 2017 residential pest control service. If you have a home, odds are, you have pests in one form or another. So starting of the new year can be a great time to start on a new line of defense.

Residential Pest Control Step #1

The first step is to start with a checklist of some of the basic things to look for in prevention, such as:

  • Is there evidence of damage or debris caused by insects? (Termites are a major problem in the southern US.)
  • Is there evidence of damage or debris caused by animal pests? (Animals can cause serious threats to you and your family through disease and territorial behaviors.)
  • Are there gaps, crevices, holes, and other openings near windows and doors? (You may be giving pests a warm welcome into your home.)
  • Is there mulch and are there other various forms of vegetation in, on, or around the building? (Pests love a warm, even tasty entryway to your home.)
  • Are there water sources close to the building? (Think buzzing blood suckers!)
  • Do all food containers have lids or are they properly sealed? (Is your kitchen their snack bar?)
  • Is there food debris under appliances, furniture, or outdoor areas next to the residence? (They have no five-second rule!)
  • Are there old wasp nests near buildings or on buildings? (Wasps return to the scene of the crime!)

Residential Pest Control Step #2

The next step is to consider what basic measures you can put in place based on what you’ve found, suspect, or even simply want to prevent:

  • Block up those holes, cracks, and crevices around windows and doors.
  • Trim those bushes or even relocate them.
  • Remember to put lids on food containers or invest in storage containers for things such as bags of chips.
  • Empty pots and other items that can catch and hold rainwater.
  • Sweep floors frequently and put food away (though it is important to note that even the tidiest of kitchens and other areas may not be safe as not all pests are drawn to food alone, moisture for example, is another common magnet for pests).
  • Keep tabs on and carefully remove wasp and other insect nests around your residence.

After covering all the basic steps you can do on your own, you may be wondering if there is more you can do. Or, you may have gone over the basic steps and discover you have some pest problems bigger than you foresaw, or even an infestation of some form. Finally, the last step is to look beyond what you can do on your own and find a professional service that can get in those places you aren’t able (or don’t want) to reach. Finding peace of mind is a good feeling. North Fulton Pest Solutions offers free inspections to help you keep a New Year’s resolution for good.